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Jemka has been tattooing in Sydney Studios for the last 5 years after spending 7 years in the design industry. She comes armed with a bachelor of design degree and a serious addiction for drawing.


She is best known for her custom tattoo work
in watercolour, abstract and nature inspired designs.


An arts, craft and culture freak, addicted drawer, she is a creator of illusive visual journeys of life’s endless absurdities. Her fine art is often exhibited in art gallerys across Sydney and Melbourne.


Her inspirations include the masters of Dark Art/ Surrealism such as Salvador Dali, James Gleeson and Michael Hussar. South Korean Tattooist Master of Neo-Fantasy ‘Khan’ and the incredible Nikko Hurtado and each and every artist she has worked along side with to date.


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Bookings requests via contacts page


Jemka is currently based at Torasumi Art and Ink

381 Darling St Balmain, NSW 2041

9818 5045




© Jemka Art.  Artist reserves all rights of all  fine art presented on this site and may not be reproduced in any shape or form without written consent by the artist herself.

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